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Best Android Books

Want to make money from Android apps? You are in the right place. However, before you learn to make money off your apps, you need to learn how to develop Android apps. The following are the Android books that I recommended, whether you are total beginner or have some experiences in programming.

1. Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide


This is one my favorite Android books and it is of the best books to learn Android development. However, this is not a beginners book if you never have any experience in programming. This book assumes you have a basic understanding of programming or JAVA.

2. Java: A Beginner’s Guide, Sixth Edition


If you don’t have any programming experience in the past, this is the book to read. Java is the programming language that Android use. So to build Android apps, it is required that you have some basic knowledge of Java. This book will get you started quickly on the core concepts of Java and how programming language work.

3. Hello, Android: Introducing Google’s Mobile Development Platform


This is another great Android book for beginners. It starts with a simple project and teaches you step by step on how to complete the app. You will learn the basic Android concept by following the examples presented in the book.

4. Beginning Android Games


If you are interested in building Android games instead of apps, this is the book to go. You need to have some basic programming experience or Java skills in order to follow the examples and concept in this book. This is a great book that gives you a comprehensive introduction to Android game programming.

5. The Beginner’s Guide to Android Game Development


This is another good book for Android game development. You will learn how to build your own games from scratch without using any game engines or framework. This book gives you step by step approach to learn the fundamental concepts of Android game programming.